Can you give me a short routine to do every day to help my….?”

I get asked this frequently and last week I received this more specific request from one of my newest members :

“I am finding my way around the library but the one thing I find I am looking for is a quick stand up arm exercise. Having lost weight after my surgery and not exercised for a while I’ve lost the muscle in my upper arms ( the dreaded bingo wings). Denial doesn’t make it disappear.
I’d like something I could do a couple of time a day while standing please Julia”
I understand ,time for yourself can be so hard to carve out and is the biggest reason people drop out of looking after themselves and doing what they know they need to do to improve their health. So, I have created a new section in my on- demand library called “Requests from You”
These sessions are very specific and my members have given me a varied list of requests to record for them.

The first one to go in was” Bingo Wings” as named by the member who requested it. Her feedback is:

“Brilliant- I feel a lot better doing it.
Plus I have used it as a ten minute ‘ grounding’ exercise on occasions when working from home.
Also, I work from home so a ten minute neck release please! “

I now have a list of very specific sessions to record to go into the on demand library at :

What would be your specific request that would help you? 

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