Pilates, but a little stronger

Whether they’ve given it a go or not, everyone’s heard of Pilates.

But have you heard of PhysioPilates?

It’s as the title suggests - Pilates, but a little stronger (as will YOU be after giving it a go).

PhysioPilates combines the practice of Pilates as per the principles and teaching of Joseph Pilates (yep, it really is named after a guy called Joe Pilates), plus my own advanced spin on the practice thanks to my background knowledge and application as a Chartered Physiotherapist.

But is PhysioPilates for me, Julia?

Tightness, stiffness, pain.

Poor posture, lack of body confidence, unhappiness with your physique.

Difficulty moving, struggles with recovering after injury, trouble with feeling in control over aspects of your anatomy.

Did you wince or perhaps or avert your eyes reading any of those words or phrases?

Then yes, PhysioPilates is for you.

How does membership work?

My membership is built around the people who join.

Every class, live and on-demand is planned and made around their goals, needs and any issues they have.

You will be able to:

  • Access an on-demand library of over 100 PhysioPilates videos and audio sessions. These are sectioned into 3 levels: Step, Connect and Flow.
  • Join in 3 Live Online hour long PhysioPilates classes a week (with some extra shorter sessions some weeks as they are requested by members)
  • You can log into your account anytime and anywhere (or use the app) and choose a class to suit your time needs as well as your exercise needs.
  • Receive personal support from me. From when you join, I get to know you, keep in touch and chivvy you along as needed.

Just as I always took time to get to know the people turning up to my in-person classes, I want to get to know every single individual in my online membership, too. So, with that in mind, prior to signing you up, I’ll give you a short questionnaire to complete so that I can get to the core of what you need and how I can best support you – in every sense of the word!

More details about membership