Do you dislike the ‘New Year New You’ phrase too?

It’s not like we suddenly become a different person because it’s January again.

It’s is nice though to do some things a little differently and I’m all for the little changes having a big impact approach.
That’s why I was delighted to receive this message from one of my members , it made me smile so much. I love that this member just fancied doing some PhysioPilates with me on New Year’s Eve and thought why not, got enthusiastic and then just got on with it:

”I have now logged into the PhysioPilates on-demand library and I got really enthused about doing a class 🙂.
So much so that I have just done one - on New Year’s Eve! To be fair, my year hasn't panned out the way I thought it would, so why not continue to break the norm and do some pilates on New Year’s Eve?! Did the band one in the Connect section.
Much love to you for 2023. Thanks for always being so lovely!”

Join me in this video to find out more bout how I can help you do PhysioPilates whenever you need to and wherever you are:

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