What's the lesson our bodies learn from Pilates? Core strength? Flexibility?

The answer is yes we learn how to engage our core muscles and we become more flexible but there is a deeper lesson which lasts through all our activities.


Let me explain. When we move our moving muscles balance with our postural, supportive muscles and this intricate balance becomes upset with pain,injury, habitual poor postures and repetitive movements.We then are told that some muscles need to be stronger and others need to be stretched, but there is much more to creating good movement patterns by stretching and strengthening.

Our bodies need to learn to support our skeletal system at a deep level with support not tension. This leaves our moving muscles free to do their job of moving us with ease and grace and more importantly without pain or injury.

This is why I use cues such as "Use just enough for what you need " and "Go slow enough to feel what is happening in your body".

I am trying to tap into your body awareness and your natural sensory feedback from your muscles and joints to train your body to work in a more efficient way.

Now you know why I nag you all so much!