Pause for a moment and have a think about how you are sitting.

Dominant hand scrolling, other hand holding your device maybe. 
Reading with your head forward. 

What position are your shoulders in and how do they feel? 
Is your neck at an angle? 
Is your spine slouched or are you bracing to sit up straight?
Where is the weight going through your sit bones onto your chair? 
Do you have both feet evenly on the floor? 

We hear the term bad posture all the time and when we think about it we sometimes find our version of good posture. Sitting up, standing up straight right? Well…. not necessarily. 

Our bodies are made for movement , we slouch, we brace, we find somewhere in between. 
We cross our legs, we lean on one hip, we favour one leg more than the other.
We get up, we sit down, we twist, we turn , we reach .
We curl up, we sit on our feet, we sit side on.
Where we land isn’t usually the issue, it’s how long we stay there and the habitual repetitive movements that can cause the problems. So if you tend to cross your right leg over your left it’s probably rare that you do it the other way round. We habitually use the same postures and movement rhythms and these are challenging to change.
The aches ,the pains the discomfort that arise are barriers to movement joy. 

So what can we do?
Start simple, be aware, now, just for a moment, of how you are sitting.

Breathe, calm your mind,feel where your feet touch the ground, your body is in contact with the chair.

Shift the weight from foot to foot, sit bone to sit bone in all directions.

See if you can let go of tension and hone in on support, a lengthened spine, a connection from your grounded feet upwards.
Move out of your habitual postures and movement patterns and discover through body awareness, breath, positioning and flow, a more balanced body easing away the aches pains and recurrent issues.

Space to breathe
Space for discomfort to dissipate 
Space to connect mind and body.
Space to balance.

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