A Mid-Week Hello from me,

I have just uploaded this week's live class:

Spine, Centre and Focus

into the Connect "YOUR WEEKLY LIVE CLASS" section.

This was the challenging one where you had to keep your concentration as we did one repetition of each exercise. The feedback was so positive, thank you. My favourite message was:
"Wow, what an engaging and inventive class. Really enjoyed it."

It's also the one where I cue your knee instead of your elbow and if you did follow my mistaken cue at that point you deserve a flexibility prize!

Log into your account or on the thinkific app and give it a go!

I will also leave the "NEED SOME YOU TIME OVER THE HOLIDAY SEASON" sessions on for the moment, these short sessions are in STEP,CONNECT AND FLOW for whatever level you want to work at and have been very well used over the Christmas period, so well done!

Enjoy the rest of your week , I will email you on Sunday as usual.
Next week, we have 2 extra live  classes, so check your timetable and hope to see your name pop up on my screen.

Stay motivated and give me a shout if you need a push!

Julia xxx

 I know it can sometimes be challenging to give yourself the time you need , try to focus on how good you feel after and the essential support PhysioPilates brings to your activities and in keeping those flare ups , aches and pains at bay.
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Go to the app store or wherever you choose your apps.
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Open it. Search:'physiopilates' . then log in with the email and password you use for your account. 
It's very easy to navigate your way through and:
- choose a class
-catch up on the weekly class you may have missed
-alleviate your aching back, neck, knees, work on your core, do a session in sitting or just relax, breathe and stretch, it's all there for you.
Every session there has been planned and made for you, from  your requests or from issues you may have or goals you are working on.
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