A week in the greek sun people watching from beneath my sunhat got me thinking about how we feel about our bodies. Of course I was missing teaching my usual classes but you will be glad to know I was doing some fieldwork! One day, I watched 3 elderley Italian ladies on the beach laughing and chatting as they took off their sarongs to reveal brightly coloured bikinis. Their bodies where by no means slim and I was fascinated by their lack of self-conciousness as the walked together to the sea to splash, swim and laugh some more. They were totally in the moment and happy with who they were. At this time of year we are bombarded in the media by "Get that bikini body" diets and exercises and we can be so terrified of how we look to others that we don't enjoy the good times , forgetting to live in the moment. We are very good at thinking how we would like to be different that we forget to observe how our bodies are. Watching those women made me think, notice the body the way it is not the way we think it should be and work with that. Be healthy yes, keep exercising yes but don't forget to accept, love and enjoy your physical self. We try to make our classes enjoyable and constantly different , imaginative and challenging so all our clients become nore aware of their bodies and how amazing they are instead of judging and focusing on the negatives. Enjoy the summer.