This week is migraine awareness week

According to the Migraine trust:

It is estimated people in the UK lose a total of 43 million days from their work and education each year because of migraine.
of people with migraine feel it had significantly impacted on their relationship with their partner or spouse
of people with migraine feel it has significantly affected their mental health

I have had migraines all my life.
When I was a kid they were called stomach migraines and so many school trips, birthday parties were cancelled or cut short due to me having an attack.

They continued into my teens and young adulthood, triggered often by fluorescent lights, tiredness, hunger, neck stiffness and weirdly strong smells.
Cheese, coffee and chocolate too!

I had respite from migraines when I was pregnant ( thank you children🙏❤️) but they returned with vengeance in my thirties and forties.
These days they are less often and less severe and I hope I recognise the triggers and can act on them before an attack takes hold.

I send my empathy out to any of you who suffer from migraines.

The days when people say:”Have you got another headache ?”
The times when a migraine lingers for days.
The auras, visual disturbances, vomiting, feeling like your head is stuffed with cotton wool and surely there is a knife stuck in your head?
The weird feeling of disconnection that hangs about after an attack.

I hope you have a good Gp who helps you through the options that will suit you.
I hope the people around you support you and know what you need when you’re in pain and unwell.

The @migrainetrust are amazing and their website has good information and give so much support.

Keeping all the general stuff going helps me: staying hydrated, regular exercise, eating a balanced diet and not skipping meals.
Prescribed sumatriptan helps if taken at the start of an attack but sometimes the white flag has to be raised and I have to retreat to a darkened room until it passes.

Take good care of your posture and look after your neck.
And if like me you need to release some neck stiffness ,listen to my neck release sessions :
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