Do you watch GPs Behind Closed Doors?

What’s your favourite bit?

Mine is at the end when the soft music plays and they tell you what has happened since the consultation and how the patients are doing now. 

I just love the stories and need to know what happened next.

Today is my day for catching up with my members and how they are doing.
Some are phone chats, some online and some voice notes or WhatsApp messages. 

Cue the uplifting music and here’s the updates so far:

Penny’s lower back pain has improved so much that she went on a solo train journey to an exhibition she really wanted to see. This involved a lot of walking and manoeuvring her case with her. She said she walked tall with ease and confidence that her back would be fine.

David’s knee didn’t give way on his recent hill walk in the lakes and he didn’t need his walking poles on the way down. Victory cake was Lemon Drizzle in case you wondered. 

Alison felt everytime she did abdominal work and weights at the gym it set off her neck and shoulder pain. She’s been practising every day with the classes from the Step section in my on demand library and after last nights Live Online class : ‘Breath and Centre’, she said she now really understands what I mean by ‘Support not tension’ . 

Lunch time , then a few more catch ups before tonight’s Live Online Class. 

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