Good Question!

Right now you may pay £15 for a weekly live in person Pilates class.
You’d love to practice in between but can’t remember what to do or what you need to do.
Or you may DIY for free and watch some Pilates videos on YouTube or TikTok

Or you have done some Pilates before and do the exercises you can remember but are getting bored.

Or you just don’t know where to start.

Who should you trust with you, your most precious asset ?

How do you know you’re doing it right?

What about, for example, you’re niggling back pain, will it make it worse?


I hope I can help you but before I do, I’m going to tell you what I’m not:
A quick fix.
A cheap option.
A DIY-Pilates provider.
A ‘Simon says’ , look at me, follow me teacher.
A wizard who can invent pockets of time for you to practice Pilates.

I am: 
Here to listen and understand.
Experienced professionally so you can trust me to take care of you.
Battered and buoyed by life’s journey so I know we all have good and bad days.
Help you navigate your road to body’s awareness so you feel your strengths with a healthy nod to your limitations.
Connecting your mind and body to achieve Movement Joy with mental calm, concentration and focus .

Encourage and motivate you. (or as one member said : ‘ give a virtual kick up the behind’) 

Here’s how we can do this together:

The membership includes access to an extensive on-demand library of PhysioPilates sessions with me. 
It also includes at least 3 live online classes a week with me. If you can’t make a live class, it will be there waiting for you in the on-demand library.
All for less cost a month than a couple of weekly in-person classes.

When you log in to: you will have access to the on-demand recordings in all 3 levels: STEP, CONNECT AND FLOW. Read more about these levels:
You will need to send me your health form, so I can get to know you and we can work with any issues you have. 
You can then take your time to work through the basic principles on your own body and see how this journey unfolds.
 In each section there are classes you can do anytime you want and as often as you want and are perfect for when you can’t make the live classes or want to do some extra Pilates. These are updated weekly.

When you join, I will send you the timetable for the live online classes with all the information you need to join in. People love the interaction of these and I will always encourage you to work at your own level. Not everyone does the  classes, some members don’t join in all of the time but you’ll always receive an invite to join in and it's always a pleasure to see you!

This membership is about the people in it. So if you tell me you’re having physio for a sore shoulder, I can advise which sessions to practice and incorporate what you’re going through into the on-demand library. 

I’ll be keeping in touch with you with my weekly Sunday email and I send you a regular progress report . I am here for you and you can email me or book an online chat if you need to. 

Let me get to know you, ask me any questions and let's get started on this journey together
Julia xxx
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