Let August be the month for you 🩷

I’d love to help you keep practising Pilates over the summer , bringing it directly to your doorstep, tailored to your needs.

Live online classes continue over August and you can log in to the extensive on demand library.

I have created this membership to provide you with convenient, flexible, and accessible PhysioPilates sessions for you whether you’re home or away.

Here's why PhysioPilates Online is a game-changer:

PhysioPilates: I bring my background as a physiotherapist into how I teach Pilates to you. Each session is thoughtfully planned to target core strength, flexibility, posture, and mind-body connection. I am committed to helping you achieve your goals and ensuring proper form and technique.

On-Demand Flexibility: With my online platform, you have the freedom to choose when and where you want to do your Pilates .Whether it's early mornings, late evenings, or on weekends, the extensive library of on-demand classes allows you to personalise your Pilates experience according to your availability. And it’s available on an easy to use app!

Variety and Progression: Say goodbye to Pilates boredom plateaus! PhysioPilates offers a diverse range of classes, from the basics to the challenging. From hips to shoulders and all that’s in between. There are relaxation sessions, equipment sessions , post surgery sessions, sessions to help with back pain, neck pain, strengthen knees, relieve abdominal discomfort…. the list is extensive. You’ll making progress at your own pace and unlocking new levels of strength and flexibility.

Support: you will be joining a vibrant community supported personally by me. Keep me posted on how you are, what you need, how you’re getting on. I send you a regular update and report and am available to answer your queries. This isn’t Pilates to the masses, this membership is about you and for you.

My members inspire me on a daily basis and it’s wonderful to know I’m helping them with classes that are built for them.

Join for a month and see how you get on, it’s your membership and you’re in control of how long you stay.

I’d love you to stay a little while and help you stay strong and supported.