1.     Do you have a sample class/video I can look at please?
2.      Can I cancel at any time?
3.     Are the live classes with others?
4.        What time of day do these run and how much notice do you give?
5.        My workday is very unpredictable, will this work for me?
6.        Do you have any expertise on the effects of Menopause and how Pilates can help?



Here’s the answers:

I love that you have had a look at my website and have questions, ask me ALL the questions, I would!
1.     A sample class- Yes, I do.
Here is an intro video with me explaining how the membership works and joining in a short standing routine with me:
I can also send you a sample of another class that is more specific to your needs.
If you would like to join in a Live Online Class to see how you get on, just let me know and I will send you the information.
2.     Can I cancel if I want to?
 Yes, you are in charge of your own account and can cancel/rejoin anytime you want. 
You don't have to jump through any hops or hidden doors, it's very simple and clear when you log into your account. The membership is £45 a month and it includes 4 x Live Online classes a week, a library of over 100 on-demand classes( planned for the members and their goals and any issue) and personal support from me.I can't emphasise enough that the membership is built around the members . This isn't Pilates to the masses, that's not what I set out to do. I wanted to make the experience as close to an in person class as it can be and make sure I take good care with everyone.
3.     The Live classes and other people
You can decide if you have your cameras on or not, my cues are very detailed and I teach with the emphasis on you understanding your own body and finding the right level for you on that day. You can set the screen so you only see me. Your name only comes up for me , so others can't see you're there unless you have your camera on. Some love the live interaction and saying hello to others and some just want to get on with it and not be distracted.
Your cameras are disabled from my side for the recorded sessions.
      4. Live Class times 
There are 2 x hour classes a week and 2 x half hour classes. I vary the days Monday -Wednesday. The monthly timetable is sent to you in advance and I send a weekly email on Sundays with a reminder of the days and times for the week ahead.
In general , the hour long classes are 9.30am and 6.30pm, the half hours alternate-so 8.30am and 9.30am one week and 6pm,7pm the following week. Days- I usually do the Live classes on a Monday, Tuesday for 2 weeks , then Tuesday, Wednesday for 2 weeks. 
5.     Unpredictable days
One of the hour and one of the half hour classes are recorded and added to your library. So if you miss a Live class, it's there for you in the library to do whenever suits you.
It's been interesting seeing how people use their membership- some of my members only use the on-demand library, some only the live classes but most use both to keep their practice up , hone their Pilates skills and keep those aches and pains at bay or meet their current training needs (it's half marathon time of year, so lots of runners issues at the moment!
6.     Menopause
Oh my goodness, yes, personally and professionally.
The new aches , the thumb and wrist pains, the frozen shoulders, the saggy around the middle feeling, the bone support, the muscle strength, the tiredness, the mental health aspect. PhysioPilates brings support to your body, balance to your movements and as we incorporate breath, positioning, checking in with how you're feeling, it really helps address all the challenges, you'll see!
So my questions to you are:
Have I answered your questions?
Have you done Pilates before?
Do you have any issues in any particular worries/ aims?
Would you like to chat to me on the phone or on zoom about all of the above?
I’d love to hear from you.

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