We had a few laughs about this on Monday.

We were doing exercises with the spikey balls, working on our feet and ankles, when someone piped up"These would be good to do while watching the tele!" 

I then said that exercises are often judged by how easy they are eg: you can do them while doing something else. This can sometimes be a good thing eg; Physiotherapists often use certain times of the day or activities to remind patients to do exercises that need to be repeated regularly.

 Examples of these that I have used myself with patients are: Pelvic floor exercises while the kettle boils, standing on 1 leg while brushing your teeth, pelvic tilts when driving, easy back movents before getting out of bed, stretches in the shower, etc,etc, the list goes on and on. 

Obviously it is good to do your important exercise with focus and concentration but as we all know we forget so sometimes a little reminder is needed!

Please let me know your exercise reminders, the most unusual the better.

I finish this with a quote from Mike he says"The best exercise you can do while watching the television is to put the remote on top of it!"