Last week on a long walk in the woods with a good friend, we got chatting to a new mum with her tiny baby boy.

We were saying how long it takes just to get yourself and baby ready to go out for a walk in the early days.

She told us about the problems she had giving birth and subsequent issues she has and how much pressure she feels from social media to ‘get her body shape back’.
She said it pressured her to do too much too soon exercise wise even though it felt wrong for her, and, on top of all that goes with caring for a newborn, has caused more issues for her. 

We chatted about so much ( including interfering in laws) and she gave me a hug when I gave her some advice and my friend and I ,with 3 grown up children each, imparted a little of what we hope sounded like wisdom 👶 

 👋new mums, you’re doing a great job, 
listen to your body and be kind to it, ask for help and advice if you’re worried from your GP, health visitor, and pelvic health physios are amazing.

And enjoy the peaceful moments ❤️ #mumbaby #postbabybody #postbaby 
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