I’m not very flexible, can I still benefit from the classes?
Your flexibility will improve and you learn to release tension and balance the muscles on movement.

What conditions benefit from Pilates?
It is an extensive list. Many people with back pain find Pilates helpful but it doesn’t just help those with this condition. Other conditions that benefit from Pilates include: neck pain, shoulder issues, hip and knee pain, ankle and feet issues, balance problems, arthritis, weak stomach muscles, poor posture. Please seek advice for specific issues.

I am pregnant, is it suitable for me?
It is inadvisable to do Pilates between 8-14 weeks of pregnancy and wait 6 weeks after the birth before resuming classes.

How long before I feel the benefits of Pilates and how often should I practice Pilates?
I’ll work with you towards your own goals and within your own capabilities, and the membership will keep you accountable with everything you aim for along the way. The sooner you join us, the sooner everything will move into place.


The PhysioPilates Online membership has limited numbers but is open to everyone regardless of age, ability, gender… so whatever your reason or your motivation, my door is open!

How do I sign up?
Your movement from here? Into PhysioPilates Online!

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