In last night's live stream classe we enjoyed working on our SPINE CURLS.

We started in the relaxation position with some body awareness and focus, thinking about the position we naturally placed ourselves and just nudging out of that position and feeling the change. We nudged our position to feel our backs were supported , not tense, and we felt some length in our backs and also in the area between our rib cage and pubic bone at the front.

We took a moment to allow our minds to quieten and bring mind and body together.
Then we moved easily , it's such a lovely feeling to stretch the lower back by rolling the pelvis and feeling the heaviness into our waist area before we peeled the spine up from the mat.

I talked though focusing on breath,  bones, muscles and using some visualisations maybe viewing the movement in a different way.

Sue liked to think of each of her vertebrae like beads on a  necklace, how they're seperate but also joined together in sequence, the movement of each part having an effect on the area above and below.

David said he liked to think of his spine like a bicycle chain and how the links connect and move smoothly in segments but as a part of the whole.

Joe went all out and pictured his sit bones as headlights shining slowly up the wall in front of him as he lifted up into the bridge position and back down the wall with an even shine on the way down.

It really takes you out of yourself to be able to focus like this and it leaves you feeling worked yet refreshed and ultimately supported in your own body without tension.

 I want you to feel you can tap into this feeling wherever you are by listening to the verbal instructions and  to your body.

Carol logs into her account on the app and does her Pilates practise all over the world, keeping her back strong and supported.

James attends every live online Pilates class he can and loves the interaction.

Do give it a go and let me know whcih visualisations help you the most.