This is a common problem and people always want to know : Can they exercise in bed? My advice would be, do a few easy movements in lying and sitting, such as:

1.Hugging your knees gently into your chest and hold for the count of 10 while you take easy breaths

2. Have your knees bent and your feet together on the mattress and slowly roll your knees to one side then the other 3-4 times each side.

3. Pelvic rock: make easy slow gentle rocking movements with your pelvis, forward and backwards and round in a small circle.

4. Now, sit on the edge of your bed with your feet on the floor and in a controlled movement slouch and sit up, imagine you have a string going from your head to the ceiling and when it’s pulled you sit up(don’t brace though) and when it’s let go you slouch. Do this 4-5 times.

5. Take a moment to breath fully and deeply and roll your shoulders. Prepare to take on your day as Joseph Pilates said “With spontaneous zest and vigour..”

 When you have done this, enjoy a warm shower.

Your muscles and joints are then ready to do some good exercise to train your core muscles to provide support not tension. This is the time to get your mat out and use one of our ipilates workouts. They are recorded with much thought and effort and all our experience has gone into making them work for you. It’s 30 minutes from your day worth taking to  improve your strength, flexibility and mobility and prevent that morning back stiffness.
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