It’s been a 💩 week

It really has

We had pink đź’© curtesy of talking about beetroot recipes with a business group I belong to.

We had the news that mountaineers must now bring their đź’© back to base camp.

We applauded the sea swimmer who has stopped paying part of her water bill and is suing South West Water because of sewage leaks at her local beach. 

And with the training season for spring time runs and half marathons well under way, one of my members , a keen runner asked is how to assist having a đź’© before a run.

Now, as flowing as this post is , it isn’t always this way when you’re about to go for a run.

There are some great simple tips that can help:
Getting up a bit earlier 
Moving around , go up and down the stairs a few times 
Move your hips pelvis and lower back with some deep breathing and a gentle abdominal massage 

Try this shortened version of my Smooth Moves session:
Lie on your back 

Take some easy breaths

Switch off from all you have to do for the rest of the day 

Bring focus to how your feeling without making any judgements or changes, just notice 

Bring focus to how your breathing without making any judgements or adjustments, just be aware

Slow your breathing down for a few minutes

Picture your pelvis like a bowl half full of sand
Shift the sand around the bowl, shoring it up towards the side of the bowl and towards the centre, going all the way round.

Slow , easy, smooth movements.

Breathe deeply as you do this , allowing space and softness in your abdomen and expansion in your ribs.

Stay a while in this space and get up slowly when you’re ready.

This class is in my relaxation section in PhysioPilates Online on demand library and was planned for easing abdominal discomfort post surgery eg: as gynae surgery, prostate surgery , abdominal surgery , IBD -Colitis and Crohn’s and it works wonders to get things moving before a run too.

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