A new study has shown that one to one physiotherapy from a women's health specialist physiotherapist can ease the symptoms of organ prolapse. Prolapse where the uterus, bowel or bladder bulges into the vagina affects from 5 to 10% of women after childbirth or as they get older. Symptoms include stress incontinence, difficulty in emptying the bowel or bladder and painful intercourse. Suzanne Hagen and colleagues based in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Leicester, Australia and New Zealand did some reserach to see if the exercises for the pelvic floor actually worked. They found that women who were given individual training had fewer symptoms than those who were just given an advice leaflet. It was noted that women should then be helped to sustain their exercises regime long term and this is where Pilates can help. We are lucky to have Dee Woodcock working at the studio teaching our ante and post natal classes. She can be contacted through the studio for one to one individual sessions. Please always mention to your healthcare practitioner if you have pelvic floor issues, don't suffer in silence, help and advice is there. And when your treatment starts to have a beneficial effect, carry it on by joining PhysioPilates online to build up the central musculature essential for pelvic and back support.
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