ūüď£This week ūüď£
ūüĆüDiscover your Hips, Pelvis, and Spine ConnectionūüĆü

Understanding and feeling the intricate relationship between your hips, pelvis, and spine and how they work together during movement has a wonderful balancing effect on our bodies.
This can help issues of the hips and lower back but also has a positive, profound impact on upper back, neck and shoulder issues.

In my early thirties, neck pain blighted my life and career. It was so overwhelming.
Treatment helped but concentrated on my neck and shoulder strength and relief was short lived. 
I started doing Pilates for myself and the slow work on understanding and feeling how my hips, pelvis, and spine are closely intertwined and work collaboratively on movement brought me back into harmony and relieved the searing pain episodes.
My posture improved.
My movement patterns harmonised.
I finally felt deeply and understood what core support means.
The rest is history as I went on to teach this to others to help them restore their function and relieve their pain.

So join me in this weeks live Hips, pelvis and spine PhysioPilates classes where the focus is on:
  • ¬†Awareness: Developing a heightened sense of how your hips, pelvis, and spine, where you are, how you move, any tightness, discomfort.
  • ¬†Breath: Integrating breathing techniques to facilitate movement and enhance stability and relaxation.
  • Creating space for discomfort and pain to dissipate¬†
  • ¬†Positioning: feeling how you can subtly change alignment and positioning¬† to create movement efficiency and reduce strain.
  • ¬†Smooth Movement: using controlled movements and a coordinated sequence to achieve balanced and harmonious movement patterns.
  • Stability and strength without undue tension. We‚Äôre not pulling and pushing or holding and squeezing, we‚Äôre flowing with balance and ease.

 And at the end of the class, we will be:
  • ¬†Released from tension and tightness in the hips
  • Feeling flexible¬†
  • Experiencing a freedom of movement as your¬† hips , pelvis and spine harmonise¬†
  • You‚Äôre body and mind are connected and revitalised¬†
  • Taking all you have felt and learnt into your daily activities, work , play and sport.

See you at 9.30 am and 6.30pm and if you miss the live class, it is there waiting for you in the on-demand library when you log into your PhysioPilates account. And now you can log in on the app, super easy!

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