In my 25 years of teaching Pilates , I have heard this said many a time.

Also in my previous 12 years as a hospital and private home physiotherapist when prescribing exercise, this phrase came up time and again.

You’re not alone, I’m here!

We know regular practice of anything improves our technique and what could be more satisfying than practicing a form of movement that forms the building blocks to support all that we do for work, fun, sport and hobbies?

So we can do these without discomfort, pain, injury.
And when we are recovering, having treatment or in training for a challenge we can use Pilates as a tool box of support.

Following a teacher in a class is one thing, really listening and understanding our bodies is another more powerful skill we can only dip into with guided support and regular practice with our own personal mind and body connection at the forefront. 

I’m here to help you with feel your strengths with a deeper understanding of your limitations.
And to help you keep your practice going when your at home or away!

Only have 10 minutes? I have a class ready at your fingertips .

Have a band and you can’t remember what to do with it? I have a half hour and full 1 hour session here for you to stretch and delight your movements.

Waiting for results from a scan, treatment from your physio? I have the basic building blocks of movements adapted to how you’re feeling here to soothe you.

Travelling for work or pleasure and those familiar lower back niggles re- surface ? Log in and choose the ‘Release your back’ session.

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