👋In this weeks Live online PhysioPilates classes we are using 0.5kg hand weights 

We will be using light weights at the end of a long lever( 😀 your arms) to đŸ€©encourage awareness 
đŸ€©feedback of where your arms connect to your body 
đŸ€©and what supports them on movement 

👉What can this help with?
#neckpain #shoulderpain #upperbackpain #frozenshoulder #poorposture #elbow #carpeltunnel #arthritis #wrist #strength 

Tuesday 6.30 pm
Wednesday 9.30am and 6.30pm

👇If I miss the Live class what do I do?
The recording will be there waiting for you when you log into your PhysioPilates account or on the @thinkific app.

👉I have a question 
I’d love to hear from you, drop me an email julia@physiopilates.co.uk

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