I have been encouraging and motivating people to use the on-demand library in between the live classes to help them ease away their aches and pains and support them with their sporting activities and daily tasks. 

It's all very well for me to tell people how amazing PhysioPilates is for you. It needs to be felt and understood on your own body and this can only happen with regular guided practise. Body awareness is key to unlocking that deep discovery through movement and this can sometimes be missing through other forms of exercise. When you feel this and the penny drops, your movements will feel freer and easier , you will understand the difference on your body between support and tension.

Making time for yourself in our busy lives can sometimes feel like an uphill task that never gets any easier and I understand that. I've planned the on-demand library to ease you into regular practice by taking you through the basics of Pilates, step by step and you can repeat these again and again until your mind and body open up and absorb the breathe, positioning, release of tension, engaging core support and feeling your movements flow with ease. You can then choose from an extensive library of sessions, some short , some longer, with and without equipment but always with my attention to detail so you learn about your body and you're not just following me doing an exercise.

I know that online memberships and courses can at first seem less personal than face-to-face classes but we’re all out there living busy and full lives, and so it can be difficult for everyone at times to even schedule in a class – never mind physically get along to one. This membership is all about the personal. The on-demand library is prepared for the members, the live classes are planned around you and what I learn about you from your health questionnaire and keeping in touch with how you are and what you need.


Wherever you are in the world, and whenever the mood takes you, PhysioPilates Online is where you’ll find me. In here, I am building our community, holding you accountable, and I'm here, ready to take my place around your schedule (rather than you working around mine, for a change) And remember, this membership is a small one so I can make it about you and look after you!

And I am watching, learning about you and keeping you motivated and accountable all the way.

If you have done some Pilates before with me before, try this session with me to remind you how it felt:

If you are new to Pilates, try this free session with me and see what it's all about:

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