It's a common complaint especially at this time of the year when the spring weather is here and out we go into the garden without so much as a warm up or a stretch in sight then wonder why our back aches after a few hours in the garden.
I asked a client today if she warms up before playing golf. Her answer was "With my back of course I do", yet out she will go into her garden for 3 or 4 hours without warming up and her back can sometimes be in real pain afterwards. Is it any wonder? We expect our body to put in some heavy graft there, working in the garden is a workout so treat your back with care and look after it.Before you go outside, warm up the bigger muscles of your arms and legs in standing, walking on the spot with some arms swings are good. Then some easy trunk movements eg :Roll downs,side stretches, twisters. Spend 10-15mins doing some body preparation before you do the garden and don't forget to stretch out afterwards, spine curls and hip rolls are especially good to do.Then it's time for a cup of tea while you admire your gardening skills!