Any post I can write that mentions the Wizard of Oz makes me happy!

Do you sometimes feel like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz and wish Dorothy could pour some oil into your creaky joints to get you moving?

Well, this week, we are oiling those creaky joints with movement.

Our Synovial joints.

Synovial what now?

These are joints that are highly moveable.

 When these joints are healthy, the bones slide against each other without friction or pain, all is good.

The easy sliding is possible because of the cartilage cushioning the bones and a soft tissue called the synovial membrane which makes the synovial fluid, the lubrication essential for smooth movement.

Synovial fluid is thick with an egg white consistency, just in case you were wondering, and it is a wonder nutrient source for the surrounding structures that support joint function

The production of synovial fluid is increased when physical activity promotes circulation of fluid and nutrients to these membranes.

So keeping these joints moving is essential for joint health.

Join me and Lets:

Warm up



Prevent stiffness

Keep joints agile

Recharge you synovial fluid

And no oil cans in sight

I’ll see you for the first of this weeks’ live classes at 8.30am tomorrow.

And, if you miss it, log into your account or use the thinkific app and get oiling those joints at a time to suit you.


If you want to find out more about synovial joints , keep on reading:

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I’m Julia, the Physio in PhysioPilates
Keeping you strong with a healthy nod to your limitations


Where are these Synovial Joints?

There are 6 types of synovial joints and some examples are:


 At the very top of your neck for side to side head movement

At wrist and elbow for turning our palms up and down or unscrewing a jar




Ends of your fingers


Letting you twiddle your thumbs

Collar bone to breast bone


The little niggly ones at the side of your spine

The one at your ankle/foot  that helps you walk across uneven ground




Ball and Socket

Hips and Shoulders



Prevent stiffness

Keep joints agile

Recharge you synovial fluid

And no oil cans in sight

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