📣Tortoise and Hare 📣

🐇In this weeks’ live classes we are exploring approaching movement with a faster pace and slowing it down  🐢           

 I teach with body awareness at the forefront of your focus.
That’s what you take away with you into your daily activities , sport, rehab, everything!

PhysioPilates requires layering skills, positioning, timing the movement with the breath, feeling where the support is coming from, balancing out the muscles on movement and coordination. 
Incorporating balance and normal movement patterns.
Those skills are learnt over time with practice then join together in a flowing sequence with all the layers working in harmony.

So what we did in this week’s class ( for those who have been working with me for a while, so more advanced practice) is work through the more layered sequences at a faster pace, doing more repetitions.
We then slowed it right down and focused deeper on the elements that make it a PhysioPilates class.
Varying the feedback so you can feel and understand it on your own body,
 feeling your strengths with an awareness of any particular issues you may have.


Feeling the energy in our movements and understanding the control.

👋See you 9.30am👋
👋 and 6.30pm👋

🌟And if you miss it, it will be waiting for you in your on demand library when you log in🌟

I’d love to hear from you and help you if you have  #backpain #neckpain #rehab #chronicpain , you’re a #newmum #gardener #sportmotivation #golfer #cyclist #poorposture . 

Not sure? 📣ask me 🙏

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