Researchers say that people who follow specialist exercise programmes are less likely to fall and have less serious injuries
A France-based researcher looked through more than 1000 papers for randomised controlled trials of fall-prevention programmes, they found 17 suitable studies with 4,305 participants over the age of 60 living at home.
The authors say:"Even falls causing relatively minor injuries are important to consider, as they too may have serious consequences, such as diminished self-confidence, social isolation and restriction on activity, which in turn will accelerate functional decline.
The analysis confirmed earlier findings that such exercises reduced the number of falls and also found they significantly reduced injuries at all levels.
All the programmes aimed to improve balance, functional training, strength,flexibility, co-ordination and endurance. The benefits of this are speedier reflexes and stronger muscles that can protect bones from the full force of a fall.
These results provide useful additional evidence for PhysioPilates which will help you work to improve all the skills above help reduce the impact of injuries and hasten the recovery time back to full function.