"Just to say that doing the 30 min wall session yesterday was a real break through moment for me. I honestly felt for the first time in months that I was working with every part of my body rather than fighting bits of it!  Thanks Julia, where would I be without you?"

"Having lasted for a whole 30 mins I’m encouraged to catch up on some of the longer online sessions and will try to join a live class this week. As you say, I can always stop if the going gets too tough."

"How lovely to receive your message- it really makes me feel connected with you and I especially appreciate the feedback and guidance for the classes to do. Now and then I try to do a few curl ups but usually results in neck ache so I certainly will not overdo those. I’ve developed arthritis in my right shoulder and at the moment have a lot of swelling and restricted tight movement. "

"I find some 20 min sessions really helpful. " 

" The online programme is amazing. I’m so impressed with the range of sessions available and the different levels we can access. " 

" I love the live sessions"

" I look forward to seeing you this week. It’s really helpful to have the Sunday email- helps me plan the week better. "

Thank you for the virtual kick up the backside - I’ll make a bit of time for me and peruse your library."

"Just love standing back and admiring my garden with my hands in the small of my back and my shoulders down and back - very relaxing for me.   Find that I only warm up before gardening if I’ve thought about it (which I often don‘t) but putting stuff away (including weeds) after is a good warm down.  Thanks for the neck/shoulder exercises with arms behind head and back, creeping one hand up and the other down at the end of your last sessions.   I’m much more flexible at the end of the day!   Or even at the end of a session."