Wed 15th Feb: Classical Mat Workshop- How did it go?

Classical Mat Workshop- How did it go?
Jane had a full workshop last Saturday morning with people from all level of classes attending , some who attend the studio and some who do not. It was an enthusiastic group and they were ready to learn. Jane took a 3 step approach to each of the exercises and they experienced about half of the 34 exercises. Firstly the attendees did the exercise learning the movement. Then they experienced how it felt to load their centres to create challenge within their own limitations, focusing on resistance,2 way stretch,wrapping back of hips to back of knees and lengthening the waist.. Then they had to connect mind and body to feel the spine being lengthened while being supported from their centre,seeing it as a cylindrical opening at both ends, thinking of the grounded reach effect,to create the 3rd layer to the exercise, rather than what is already there It was a challenging fun workshop went quickly , so much so next time we aim to make it longer. here's what people said: "Jane took the class to a whole new level with her focus on the lengthening of the spine - a fantastic workout “ Alexis "I felt a little apprehensive about attending the Classical Pilates Workshop. I wondered if it would be too advanced for me and whether I could survive the extra 15 minutes. Jane instantly put me (and everyone else) at ease and mentioned that we should keep to our own level. The workshop started with simples exercises, with Jane talking us through them, then we repeated the exercises concentrating on using the correct muscles and working deeper into our core. It was an enjoyable, if sometimes tough, class, but I can't believe how quickly the time went - no worries about the extra 15 minutes. Jane was very good at explaining the exercises and occasionally correcting our posture if necessary. I felt inches taller when I left the studio and can't wait for the next workshop. Diane