Tue 6th Sep: Re-engage that Centre.

Re-engage that Centre.

Welcome back to classes everyone and Hello to all our new clients.

We have record numbers of new beginners this term and we hope you all enjoy the classes and the benefits they bring to your posture , movement and flexibility. Please take your time learning the basics , it really does pay off in the long run and bear in mind that 50% of new beginners repeat the course before they move on to the next level. Everyone is different and has differing stresses and strains on thier bodies as well as varying injury and pain history so work with your own body and ask for help if you need it.

Email me if you would like a printed sheet of classes and put a workout on your ipod, computer or on a cd from www.ipilates.co.uk.

To our regular clients, I know how good you all are at doing your Pilates at home in between classes but remind yourself to maybe change your pelvic position or practise drawing your centre in gently at various times during your day. Jane, Lauri, Diane, Pauline and I are all fired up to teach you some challenging classes this term , we hope you enjoy them.