Mon 16th Dec: What makes sitting so bad for you?

What makes sitting so bad for you?
Sitting for extended periods of time is an independent risk factor for poor health and premature death Even if you exercise regularly, if you uninterruptedly sit for a great percentage of the time, you’re still at an increased risk of dying prematurely Research shows that seniors who live a generally active life have better heart health and live longer than those who remain sedentary for most of the day. This holds true even in those who do not engage in a regular exercise routine Simply standing up 35 times or more spread throughout the day is a powerful antidote to long periods of sitting and is more effective than walking Proper posture and properly using your body to work against gravity is foundational for good health. Pilates practised regularly will enable you to re-discover the ease and grace in your movements that you had as a child prior to sitting for long periods. More on this subject very soon.