Mon 12th Sep: New teachers

New teachers
I would like to introduce to you our 2 student teachers who are completing the practical element of their Pilates training with myself and Jane at the studio with a view to them teaching at the studio when their training is complete. They are Alexis Ranson and Jess Varnish. Alexis moved from a 25 year career as a lawyer to join the team. She first came to the studio 7 years ago with a bad back. Pilates both helped to resolve her injury and strengthened her posture and physique. Jess is a multiple World and European medalist and an Olympian in track cycling. Jess first took up Pilates 3 years ago when she suffered a back injury. Working with Julia at the studio got her back to competing at the highest level. Pilates became an integral part of Jess's training from then on, it helped to maintain balance in her body and complemented the demands of her training. As part of the completion of the practical element of their Pilates course, Jess and Alexis are both teaching 2 x 4 weeks courses at the studio on Mondays and Saturdays in September. These classes last half an hour and will be supervised by myself or Jane. For more details on the courses and if you would like to book please click on the link below: