Fri 27th Sep: Le Mans: Chi Fung Takes The Win, Sam West takes second

Le Mans: Chi Fung Takes The Win, Sam West takes second
Ho Chi Fung now leads the European Championship after taking first place in Le Mans today, while Sam West and Rhalf Lo Turco took second and third respectively. Chi Fung didn’t have the greatest start and lost his position to West at the first corner but it wasn’t long before his AC-motored machine put him back in front. The real competition was for second place, as Lo Turco and West battled it out throughout the duration of the eight-lap contest. Lo Turco became the first Brazilian to take a podium place in FIM eRoad Racing. ‘Ho Chi Fung walked away with the race, he has a very fast bike, but I had a lot of fun,’ reported West. ‘Rhalf was pushing me all the way. I lost track of how many times we passed each other in one lap, it was back and forth. He would take me at one corner, I’d have him at the next and then he’d be back in front. It was great fun,’ added West. Chi Fung’s team mate Su Rong Zai, who was leading the European Championship going into the race, failed to finish after low-siding early on in the contest. That means Chi Fung is now at the top of the European table.